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This unique formula is designed to promote a healthy non-response to substances in the air that would otherwise trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Each ingredient has a purpose!
How does it work?
There are three aspects to the design of this formula.
First is the natural compound called Quercetin. which stabilizes the membranes of Mast Cells. These cells would otherwise rupture and release histamine, triggering an allergic response.
Next is the extract of Astragalus membranaceus, a medicinal herb, used for centuries in the Orient for its restorative and adaptogenic properties. Studies have shown Astragalus appears to relieve allergy symptoms via unknown pathways.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, are the pollen ingredients. There are cells in the human digestive tract, called mucosal dendrite cells, whose function it is to recognize and tag ingested proteins as “food” and not “foe”. When otherwise allergenic proteins are ingested and pass through the digestive tract, these cells mediate and moderate the immune response. This is referred to as Oral Allergen Tolerance. Hence, the old folk remedy of ingesting local honey or bee pollen, for allergies, has merit. Likewise, there are now many allergy clinics across the country, where medical doctors prescribe and administer oral allergy treatments, instead of injections. These orally administered treatments are based on the exact same principal of Oral Allergen Tolerance.

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Add 1 full dropper to 3-4oz of your preferred beverage and consume once daily. Shake well before using; refrigerate after opening.
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